all of the changes, unreasonableness, money-grubbing, and the restrictive, near-Fascist environment currently existing on FooPets HAVE to be springing from some central cause. no site is this self-destructive out of thin air – SOMETHING is up, spawning all these shoot-yourself-in-the-foot “improvements”… and the climate they are producing in members, ambassadors, and Admins alike … and the recent Admin reactions smell a lot like panic to us, as does the new “shut ‘em down to shut ‘em up” policy being implemented, mostly because no one seems to HAVE any answers … and they seem to have concluded that silenced critics are safer than unanswered ones.

while the chief result of the inexplicable and unwarranted oppression  ( other than member attrition, NOT a solution… )  has been to drive the discussion offsite, what i have seen there still revolves around the Forum-style topics of  ”look what they did NOW”, specific individual issues and their results, and which particular members have been damaged in what ways. yes, all of this is valid, and may lead to answers to the various inexplicable actions FooMojo/Admin have taken, not to mention the emotional release of venting … but the central point has remained unaddressed  – what is the causative agent BEHIND all this?

We, in the form of the Canaan group, composed of 5 shelter profiles, the public service profiles FooBA4U and the onsite OperationLifeboat, and roughly ten or so “personal” accounts, most of whom were established a year or so ago, have established this locus to try to determine the answers to this sixty-four thousand foodollar question.

We need EVERYONE who has access to information, or the internet knowledge to get it (unlike this computer dinosaur) to gather information on what is happening with FooPets/FooMojo the company – their corporate status, finances, business prospectus, industry reviews, and so forth, and whether there are lawsuits and/or a hostile takeover bid in the wind. have they recently lost funding or sponsors? are they in violation of their charter?

SOMETHING turned the FooPet beehive into a hornets’ nest …  let’s all work on finding out what.  i don’t think ANY of us want to give up our foopets, or our friends, we just want the site to be a pleasure again … not a source of punishment – or a sinking ship.


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