Come Sail Away

Well, we’re back in the water, and hope this ship sails a bit longer…again, our apologies to all who boarded the shared-login Lifeboat that was sadly sunk so quickly. All pets are still safe and cared for, folks – and we may have a way to reunite you.

We have organised a sponsorship program for those wishing to remain on FooPets but unable to pay to renew their ClubFoo membership, and are trying to figure out how to extend this to those who are currently locked out. As our program presently uses a default email address to protect both the donor and receiver, and those currently unsubscribed cannot change their login info, thus far we’re stumped – but we WILL find a way. If you are one of those trapped outside the wall and would like to get back in, please, post here. If you have a current CF membership and need help with renewal, we’re here for you, as well.


~ this icon connects you to the CareShare site – comments are active there, as well, if you wish to post more discreetly.

PLEASE NOTE : posted comments referring to a completed renewal are removed to protect all involved – it’s NOT censorship, lol.


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  1. I would love to get back on to Foopets! This is such a wonderful idea! Just wondering when are you going to start it?

    • we are already pretty much up and running – the only hitch with those not currently CF’d is we would have to use your existing email and password to do your subscrption as that is the only way to access the account to put in for ClubFoo…you would just want to change the email and/or password afterwards, for security. if you click on the Canaan logo under “About Me”, you can get my email info.

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