Do the Wall Street Shuffle…

Time to get back on our pony and ride, it seems…suddenly we have a fresh rash of censorship, with Forums Mods in an uncharacteristic panic to suppress any and all criticism, and most specifically any speculation concerning malfeasance on Mojo/Rivet’s part.

In that vein, we are very curious – and looking into – the sudden decision (supposedly on the site’s part) to dump their long-time product sponsors and go private label…which not only cost them the sponsor funding, but necessitated paying someone (though we hope they didn’t pay them MUCH – the job was atrocious) to design the art and text copy and put it online : in what appears to be a dreadful hurry, which tends to refute their contention that this was THEIR decision and in the works for some time now.
As Nestle/Purina in particular was a close partner and allied with 20th Century Fox, another significant corporate sponsor (whose status vis a vis FooPets we will also be checking out), the abruptness of the change is no less mystifying than making it at all, unless Rivet has plans to put a FooPet product line on the RL market.

The casual suggestion in a CF Forum thread (now locked – unlike one of ours, that was flat-out deleted, pays to be in favor, we suppose, lol) that someone in (at the time) FooMojo may have – to put it delicately – misappropriated funds, thereby accounting for the budget shortfall despite vast reserves, was met with near hysteria : which tells us that there is probably a rich nut of information under that thar squirrel…and we are off to do some serious digging. Feel free to grab a shovel and pitch in – we suspect this one will grow VERY deep before we get to the bottom of it.

(for anyone interested in more site-specific details, we invite you to click the link to the Foospaper, One Swell Foop, right.)

sites of interest…
Photobucket (gee…wonder what THEIR salaries are?)
Photobucket (don’t miss the comment section)
Photobucket (doesn’t look like cashflow is a problem to ME…except here at the site that made it all possible…)

…and the REALLY interesting factoid…they got the lion’s share of their funding at roughly the same time that the pay-to-play FooPets conversion was announced as vital because the company was so badly in debt…


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  1. Nice bit of research, thank you.

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