as of 4/27 midafternoon, the Share-To-Care accounts were suspended – we are negotiating with Support…please be patient, and pray that they are able to see that this project is in the site’s best interests as well as the members’.

As of 11am CA time 4/26, the FooPets site went forward with their plans to convert to pay-to-play-only…i was actually in one of my nonCF accounts when it dropped dead (after some rather odd special effects), flipping from the profile to the subscription screen. Those with CF, paste links of those you wish to care for soon, as non CF’d friends are fading out quickly from the Friends tabs. full friends lists can be accessed via mobile – click the friends tab and delete “favorites” from browser bar.
We were able to gather over a hundred people into the Share-To-Care program, and the icon below contains the necessary information for those who joined.

We profoundly hope that all reachable pets are in the hands of someone with a CF’d account until something a little less draconian can be worked out with management.

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  1. Do you think they will unsupsend it?

    • we’re still in there kicking at the door…sooner or later they have to weaken. it took over 40 days to get Canaan and FooBA4U back last year in the wake of the beta controversy, but i’m worried that people are getting discouraged. we are making sure, either personally, via friends, or widget, that all pets are fed.

      • Hey.. I just checked on FooPets again.. and it now says the account is suspended indefinitely 😦

        • yes, i am coming at it from a different angle now – please email me (contact info clickable in “About Me”…also, you can look over the Support exchange at the Share-To-Care blog.

  2. hello have you probably already heard about foo mojo – rivet games new facebook app.. pet tales beta version.
    it has same foopet sims in the game! anyways here is link :

    and here is some screenshots i did of it also

    • excellent detective work…we’ll start following the trail of breadcrumbs and see what crawls out. still battling Support to get Greater Good opened again.

  3. I was able to get in earlier today – I even decided that I would blow the $4.99 to get in and just delete everything I should have done just to get closure. And I get an error message that my data is bad when I typed it in all right. Talk about shenanigans. So even tho they want the money they are blocking those of us on your list ??? possibly we underestimated them. Foooooey.

    • we are currently suspended and i am negotiation with support to get up and running again…you can no longer transfer your last pet – PLEASE do NOT delete or it will be trapped in limbo forever with no one able to reach and help it – and the PetSams no longer bother to come by.

      • peek – is that you? no, it’s not your data, or anything they’re trying to do to 4tGG – they have code issues at the moment with 90% of the functions onsite.
        (and WE didn’t do it, lol)

  4. Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but the 4theGreaterGood account has been suspended. I just tried to log in and I got a message telling me that the account was suspended. Grrr.

    • yes, i just hit Support and played dumb …for all i know they have issues with the outside linkage or mentioning those mean, nasty, antifoo blogs One Swell Foop and OperationLifeboat/WP. we’ll see what i hear back…i read the TOS, and there’s nothing that says i can’t share my OWN info…

      • Darn.. and I was hoping this would work.. I only used it twice, once last night and again this morning.. via mobile Hopefully they’ll let it back on soon

        • we have them in a dialog…and there is indeed some wiggle room in the section of the TOS they are hanging this on. i am doing my best to give them a graceful and attractive way to go along with what we are trying to do…pray.

          • I’ve read through the TOS several times and can find nothing that says you can’t share your information with others — just that you can’t solicite others for their information. I’ll pray that they see the light and don’t decide to further harm their reputations. I was thinking of joining for a month just to gift my inventory to others but what they are doing with this suspension just makes me more reluctant to give them a penny.

            • under “Indemnity” (the site’s clauses to protect themselves from the players) it says you are responsible for – NOT required to – protecting your personal information. i have offered to give them a notarized Hold Harmless – not that their butts aren’t already well-covered, lol – that section is one of the finest and most thorough pieces of legal boilerplate i’ve ever seen.

              • That is definitely a weak legal leg they’re trying to stand on. I think they’re using Legal Zoom to draft up their boilerplate Terms of Use. That clause in included in the Terms of Use for my own online store so I know what it means, and it definitely does not mean that a player cannot share their account information — only that the site is not liable for any losses suffered as a result of others gaining access to the account.

                • (this is getting REALLY narrow, lol) yes, that’s how i read it – glad to have corroboration. they are probably pointing to Corie’s Forum “interpretations” and trying to treat them as coequal with the TOS.

  5. The full friend list (including all non-CF members) can be viewed at (if you are logged into a CF account that is). Moreover all pet photos are public (even for non-CF’s!) if you know the member’s ID at Who knows for how long though. Hope that helps.

    • you can also get there via mobile by hitting friends there and deleting “favorite”…we WILL find ways around them.

  6. So they’ve taken us off our friend’s lists eh? Clever…

    • if you look at your friends tab from a different profile (like 4tGG) they all show up – at least so far.

  7. I thank You once again for doing this 🙂 I’m hoping that(since they took our names out of your friend list)if after I go onto my member page and change the www to an m I’ll be able to also use mobile when needed to get done faster.

    • yes, and if you want you can either edit your link on 4tGG’s page or add the mobile link. found a way around the invisible friends…if you look at your friends tab from a different profile (like 4tGG) they all show up – at least so far. they need to be friended to a CF’d page to be accessible, though.

      • Ok Thank You .. Got another question for you.. Do you think we’d be able to quickly scan the announcement forums from time to time, to find out whats going on, but NOT post anything?

        • i have NO problems with people reading the news…just concerned about posts drawing attention. go for it – and let me know if you see anything interesting.

          • Ok thanks.. maybe I’ll take a gander later.. LOL

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