The following profile has been ClubFoo’d, and is intended to provide a log-on for those caught outside the door to access their pets. Friend the three profiles, clickable below, NOW (we are accepting all requests, obviously), and then use the information below to log on after the cutoff to tend your animals. To the best of our knowledge, friends will still be able to reach each others’ pets,  in mobile if by no other means  – and,  just in case,  it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a click list of your pets’ play links off foo, to save having to mess about with caches later if they decide to get cute. We are making folders of all friended accounts pets’ links,  so they cannot be blocked away, and will post them on the profile there if need be – and have pasted a live-link list of all member links into the profile as well.  ( – link for friending)

Profile name : 4theGreaterGood
E-mail :
Password : safe4pets

for some reason, newly-added friends are NOT showing up on the Friends Tab – i am manually adding new people to the alphabetical member link list on the profile page, and filing folders of their pet links, but i need everyone to check the list at 4theGreaterGood and MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON IT!

Plus,  and  :  (backups if 4tGG gets too crowded – new visitors, please friend all three, we will send out FRs from the 4theGreaterGood list to those already on board, and will CF it and post logon info here if it’s needed.)

Remember, only one person can be logged on to an account at the same time – if you get a “busy signal”,  just try again in a little while.  When you are logged on, bear in mind that others need it as well,  and please be courteous…and remember to log out when you’re done, so we don’t call more official attention to this operation than we have to, by having the “member”  logging out and immediately back in from a different IP.

we will try to get more multiuse profiles up and available here if they are needed.  We know that you want to be able to visit your babies…but so will many others, we’re afraid.  If you don’t expect to be able to get CF’d any other way in the foreseeable,  please post a comment with your information,  and we will try to get you a sponsor.

Good luck,  God bless,  and DON’T GIVE UP.   

FooMojo has ducked out from under the very name  “Foo” – they are now officially “Rivet Games” (  – once zero hour is behind us, we will start investigating this), though apparently the only place this is proclaimed onsite – other than by members – is in the TOS.  It is looking less and less like we will get any cooperation on pricing – so we have set this up as at least a temporary solution.


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  1. I sent FRs from both of my accounts, Thank you for this.

    • we had to do SOMETHING…i am adding another backup – please friend it as well in case we need to spread people out, thanks! we will keep this page updated as to what is going on.

    • This Is An Amazing Idea, It So Kind Of You To Do This! Foo Has Pushed The Limits And I Think We Should Fight Back! I Will Miss My babies Terrably!

  2. Thank You soooo soooo much for doing this… You people are angels in my eyes.. I sent FR’s to both links from all 3 of my accounts…

    So although I sadly won’t be able keep my bond.. at least I can still visit and take care of my babies’ 😀

    Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ((hugs))


    • we hope to be able to start offering scholarships soon…we are still hoping to get some kind of financial concession first.

      • wow that would be great too… I’m still holding on to the hopes that Foo doesn’t go through with this change.. Bonding Badge on my main account is at 525 and I’d hate to see that go in reverse. 😦

        • it would just lock – you wouldn’t gain the days in downtime, but you wouldn’t lose any either, provided you don’t add or remove pets before the initial 10 days are up…i know this for a fact as my shelter and public service accounts (Canaan and FooBA4U) were locked down for over 40 days over the beta controversy last year, and FooBA’s badge returned in full, but as i immediately started normal shelter ops as soon as i got back, Canaan’s reset to zero.

  3. nice idea. you probably already seen this if not here it is anyway :

    • no, hadn’t seen that – have been preoccupied with trying to provide for the disaster area FooPets is becoming…thank you for the link!

      i see, contrary to rumor, Janasov is still very much in the driver’s seat…and they have raised 15 mil, eh? but still find it necessary to gouge this site for pennies. HUH!

  4. Excellent idea Caanan!
    I will be sending friend requests from all 4 of my accounts.
    You have given me at least a small window of hope that the 26th isn’t the last I’ll see of my pets.

    • we are working on sponsorship as well, and still fighting for budget plans.

  5. I already gave up. I started with Pokey a month or two after it started and I just can’t take waiting for the next shoe to drop. I’m gifting everything I own out to friends and some have adopted most of my babies. I hope keeping the pressure on them gets changes made, but I just can’t take anymore of their lies.

    • sad, sad thing to hear…sad state of affairs. FooPets will soon – if they don’t already – enjoy the dubious distinction of being the fastest-shrinking VA site on the internet…

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