(posted on page 229 of Announcement thread, and forwarded to those Admin who will listen (yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus…and while s/he has little power…they CAN get things to the proper ears.)

“Members, heed –
and Admin, PLEASE respond, even if  it’s just to tell me to kiss your…foot – okay?


you have already demonstrated that you can augment and modify your ClubFoo packages at will…so…how about these :

1) a “bulk rate” for multi-profile members, with either a flat-rate discount or a sliding scale (rates drop with each additional profile added) for accounts added from the same IP and/or credit card, and

2) a budget package without foodollar benefits for children with cash-conscious parents and adults with limited incomes, at half or less of the basic rate.

FooPets gets their income, and is able to convert with a great deal less fuss, stress, and negative publicity to a pay-to-play site – and the majority of members have at least SOME hope of not having to abandon their pets.

WHAT DO YOU SAY? do you want the site to survive – or not.”

We have been mulling this over – and it seems a near-certainty that Mojo HAS to convert to pay-for-play by the target date, or else. Whether it is a buyout, a hostile takeover attempt, pressure by investors, or simply a note coming due, there is SOME kind of a gun to their heads. (they COULD – like many other VA sites have – simply level with us and appeal to the membership to come through for them, but i imagine that they realize that at this point member confidence in their integrity is somewhat low…even if such were their style.)

By offering them a way to have quantity to compensate for “quality” – and thereby generate the necessary income without the draconian measures outlined in the original Announcement – we have a shot at saving ourselves AND the site.

(Update 4/11…had sent this in to The Powers, via Support – the only semi-direct avenue i could find – and received a response of sorts : a tad “form letter”,  but at least it’s a start … a dialog is a dialog.  fingers crossed!)

(Update X 2 – “DrJane”s little piece of smarmy nonsense is NOT considered a response, lol. still hammering at the gates…)


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  1. NEWS! they have made the first concession – quoted from the add to Corie’s post :

    “We’ve also updated the packages on the subscription info page to offer volume discounts on ClubFoo and ClubFoo Plus.”

    now to go for the budget package…

    • nope…it was just another vaguely-worded trick to provide false hope – the “update” consisted of removing the annual option and leaving the insignificantly-discounted 6 month packages intact as was.

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