Bad Cop Corie strikes again…the other shoe has dropped. Go look at Announcements…then make what preparations you can. We were warned that something hideous was in the wings – and here it is.

Any who can find it in their hearts – and budgets – to help the helpless…please post here.


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  1. Like many, I absolutely can’t afford this, either. We’re lucky if we can buy groceries. Geeze…Foo can afford to offer a FAR better package and to leave “free” accounts on there, too. I don’t see why they have to leave it to the members to pay-up-or-shut-up.

    Anyone knows that if you want to sell something you can price “anywhere,” a truly fast way to earn money is to offer a “quick sale” price, one that’s so low, it’s irresistible. Instead of trying to force people to pay to play, and at completely unrealistic prices, it would make so much more sense to sell a ton of super cheap memberships and leave the free memberships alone, because many of those would be likely to become members later on, too. But no, in typical, “you’re not important to us” Foo fashion, they’ve once again proved that we’re only as good as what our money can buy…and likely not even then.

    Rant over…I would greatly appreciate a sponsor! Thanks so much to ANYONE who can help.

    • we just got the word that they ARE going to do quantity discounts on CF packages, which will make sponsorship MUCH easier. try to hang in and be patient, as soon as we have details we will work something out.

      • Thank you kindly! 🙂

  2. well this offically does it for me. i refuse to pay foo mojo now or ever. i can’t support the powers that be that makes up foo mojo. i will not be extorted into their little game.
    anyways i can gift you or anyone else you know all my stuff. i’d rather do that than sell back to foo. i’m done with foo mojo. stick a fork in me. for me the foo titanic is offically sunk.
    thanks to you Operation Lifeboat. you’ve been awesome! have fun and happy meows. i wish to someday to see a site that will compete with foo and that’s the site i’d go to. this is mr Meowz
    Meow Out 🙂

    • i will “adopt” the account in toto, if you will…and if this – mess – does indeed collapse under its own weight in short order, as i more than half expect, it and your pets will be there waiting for you. i can’t CF it right away – but FooBA4U’s “old” CF got grandfathered and i can at least keep everyone properly cared for until i can.

      …and i am in the process of starting a VA site up around endangered birds, will keep you posted.

      • Thanks 🙂 it appears foo will not let non-club foo people gift to club foo people and vice versa. only club foo people can gift to other club fooers. i just had a friend try that has club foo try to gift me her e-mail in a gift message and wasn’t allowed because i have the non club foo leperosy. it really upset her because she pays for club foo and she shouldn’t have that limit on her. but yet again this is foo mojo.
        have fun and happy meows

        • as far as i can see, Club Foo-ers CAN, and others can’t at all – at least i don’t see the option anywhere except on the one account CF’d…

  3. This is absolutely f-ing ridiculous! I cannot afford to pay to play on this site. I have 4 accounts with almost 200 pets between them. Oddly enough I was starting to enjoy playing with my pets again and now they drop this s*** on us. I am going to stick it out until the bitter end.

    • try to hang in…if this is not a last-ditch attempt to crash and close the site altogether, it should collapse under its own weight in fairly short order.

      friend FooBA4U – we had an old-style CF that got grandfathered, so we will cover care, and are working on scholarships for those who can’t get CF otherwise.

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