Hey, Mister Postman…

We just reviewed our open letter in “Hey You…” : sadly (and prophetically), it would appear to need little or no revision to apply in the here and now. Onsite, in the ChitChat and ClubFoo forums, 67ImpalaGirl has done a truly amazing job of itemizing the damage done – and reasonable alternatives – that we would be hard-pressed to improve upon, and which we highly commend for you to copy and submit, with her kind permission…or you could simply include a link to her admirable Forum post (shown below), and perhaps one to this blog, as well, as its linkages may be educational for the addressees,  in whatever you choose to send to the various contact points we have unearthed.

67ImpalaGirl’s marvellous Open Letter to Foo


Here is where you go to blow the whistle…

FooMojo, Inc.
625 Second Street, Suite 104
San Francisco, CA 94107

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company
Checkerboard Square
St. Louis, Missouri 63164
(314) 982-1000 : http://www.nestlepurina.com/

MERIAL Limited (Frontline)
3239 Satellite Boulevard
Building 500 30096
Duluth – Georgia
Tel: +1 678 638 3000 : http://us.merial.com/

Bayer AG (Advantage)
51368 Leverkusen, Germany
Phone: +49 214 30-1

Novartis (Capstar)
US Headquarters
1 South Ridgedale Avenue
East Hanover NJ
Novartis Animal Health Customer Relations
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
1-888-NOW-NOVA (1-888-669-6682)
Novartis Corporation
Communications Department
608 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10020

(if anyone knows of any other paying advertisers, especially in the pet care field, please let me know and i’ll get their info as well…
Sic ’em, people!)


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