…just when we thought they had done their worst, they found a way to add yet one more morsel of agony in pursuit of their vision of what the site should be – a transparent effort to cut the members off from their fosters, no doubt in anticipation of being able to soon harvest and delete them.

Unsurprisingly, THIS “improvement” went unheralded until it was a done deed…as the justification they offer is even flimsier than the rest.

We are in the process of composing an email, which we will post here, along with Mojo’s email address – and possibly those of all of their corporate sponsors as well – for you to copy/paste, augment as desired, and send.


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  1. I was hit hard when Foo decided to make a pay and play site, what hit me harder is I”ve already, in the past invested money in the site. Now MY personal property is being locked up on me, as punishment for what? Being a loyal member.

    It sickens me, however where I stand is the fact that hey, there are younger kids as well as they have done this to, I’m a 24 year old adult and I have been hit hard, I could just imagine what it’s like for the little ones.

    • we have done the only thing we can think of by creating the group logon open to all…but the clock is running down, and if i am too obvious in soliciting participants i will undoubtedly get shut down, cutting off those already on board. if you have ANY other ideas, trot ’em out…

  2. well it’s apparent with the massive slaughter of shelter pets that people’s fosters that they were shut out from are now forever shutout from now that they’ve been deleted. 😦 😦 😦
    i’m afraid once us non foo club people are shut out that it won’t be long before they delete our pets to if don’t pay to come back. Foo Mojo just makes me sick to my stomach!

  3. it was a very very sad day in fooville indeed. i can’t even access most of my fosters now. it’s apparent that foo seems hellbent on upsetting as many users as possible especially the older ones of us. i also play another game Super Poke Pets, although it’s graphics are not as good as foos for SPP is just cartoonish but at this point i prefer to play that game alot more than foo. the sad thing is SPP as many other games are more geared towards younger people but it’s 100 times more fun than foo at this point in time. foo is just shooting themselves in the foot over and over and seem to think that they will get a different result if they just keep doing it.
    It’s just a very very sad day at foo.

    • they could care less about upsetting users – that’s just a side effect. the idea is to gather in all the “surplus” pets they can via the bounty, scoop up the now-inaccessible fosters, and delete the lot to free up server space.
      it’s my impression that we are being used as involuntary guinea pigs while they debug their new vision of Foo, at which point they will shut down the existing site and reopen it as a technicolor playground, grandfathering those who are willing to pay the blood money…and possibly swear some kind of loyalty oath.

      • yeah i’ve always wondered if foo wasn’t plotting some way too purge a bunch more abandon pets from the system. this very well well be that. 😦

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