…it would appear that our original question – the one that inspired this blog – has at last been answered : the “why” behind the seemingly-senseless changes.
Even had Janasov not been heard to state elsewhere that the site was being completely made over for the “modern” market, the goal(s) have now become graphically clear.

ONE: get all transactions under the control of, and exclusively favoring, the site. How – or if – they expect to actually make a profit under this system is another matter entirely…

TWO: Drive as many of the older “free” accounts off the site as possible. In this we devoutly hope they will not be allowed to succeed…

THREE: (and most ominous) To gather in as many “surplus” pets as possible (with the additional perk of being able to extinguish a large number of onsite pokeys), via a bounty on pets returned to the FooShelter  – newly candycoated as “just a division of the Adoption Center” – and by getting the majority of foster pets under the control of the new warm and fuzzy “Pet Sams” so that they can be quietly gathered up and tucked away in the FooShelter as well : following which will undoubtedly come a mass extinction that will make last year’s deletions look minor indeed, clearing the decks – and the server space – for more Disneyesque versions like the new Red Husky. (and to think Janasov supposedly came to FooMojo to get away from DisneyCorp…)

We are informed that “Good Cop” EAB1 has “answered” some questions about the changes announced by “Bad Cop” Corie…with the only hard information given either already known or easily deduced,  and no real data on the questions that we couldn’t readily figure out for ourselves. My, my – what a surprise.

But then, FooMojo had already discovered a much more effective way to “surprise” us.

~ Photobucket ~ Photobucket ~ Photobucket ~
(clicking any of these will take you to the source, where you can download or copy/paste them. an “Adult Member”, by the way, in my definition, is anyone capable of grasping basic concepts like the fact that getting half of what you paid for something when you sell it isn’t a fair exchange, that the changes beta and beyond are for the management, not the members…and that “DrJane” ain’t a real person.)


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  1. “ONE: get all transactions under the control of, and exclusively favoring, the site.”

    “TWO: Drive as many of the older “free” accounts off the site as possible.”

    I have an older “free” account (never paid for Club Foo) – with all these new changes yesterday, I’m sure glad I had the foresight to stock up on cheap gemstones at the FooMart…….. clearly something FooMojo didn’t think about until AFTER I’d sold back 10+ (at 125 FD each) – then they must have caught on because the price was then set at 12,500 FG… still, it added up to a tidy little sum at the end. Considering I’d bought 50+ gemstones the day before. So much for getting “all transactions under the control of, and exclusively favoring, the site.” HA! Winning? 😛



    • good on you! at least someone got a little revenge…at one point they were handing those gems out like candy, wish i’d known…would have gifted them all to a main account and unloaded them.

  2. Have you seen this yet?

    FooPets is in a nosedive.

    • thanks – that’s what i figured…the thing is, THEY know that, too – it still leaves a LOT of question marks : it will cost them a fortune to start over, even with most of the coding ripped from here – and what business in its right mind throws away a paying, going concern on a crapshoot like the overcrowded and underfunded kiddie market?

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