The following is a copy of the post i made on page 52 of the thread (now well over double that number) detailing the latest “improvements” to the site. If you haven’t seen Corie’s (the Bad Cop, as opposed to Good Cops EAB1 and DrJane/Ron) latest sermon from the mount, go look.

and weep.

or rage.

or both.


what a surprise…one more giant step on the road to CandyLand.

has it occurred to management that you have just killed all LL sale income, as there is no point in breeding an animal you cannot sell? presumably the next step then is elimination of breeding, as well. i really should have seen this coming when your solution to the falling stats due to the introduction of the Ultras was to freeze green stats regardless of medians – rendering the pets affected novelties useless for propagation.

from the players’ point of view, you have also destroyed the many hardworking member shelters, who cannot now place pets unless you plan to make them giftable, which i think unlikely – more probably, gifting is the next thing to get the ax.

what a neat way for all the irresponsible absentee breeders to get rid of, and rich off,  their endless unsold litters…and as far as conditions in the fooshelter go – those pets are in suspended animation, unless a kindhearted member chooses to visit them in Mobile – unfed, unwatered, uncared for in any way until by some lucky chance they are adopted. i remember when adopted pets from the fooshelter arrived well plastered with foopoo, until you changed the coding to exclude it from scenes. what happened to that wonderful concept of responsibility that the site was supposedly founded to further and encourage, especially in the young?

25% of the action on sales wasn’t enough? i personally had been anticipating a tax on pet sales, but once again, management has found a way to do something even more destructive to the future of the site.

this war of attrition against long-term members must cease. most of us are too stubborn and committed to our pets and/or our previous investment in the site to be driven away. your rationalizations for the changes are as usual flimsy at best…i am not a programmer by any means, and even i can see a dozen ways to solve the problems of scamming and harassment – and as no one is forced or obligated to pay an inflated price for a pet, there is no such thing as “profiteering”, at least on the members’ part. the fact that an item or pet does not sell either means the price is too high, or no one who is able to find it happens to want it – both temporary problems, and easily dealt with by the selling member. none of your justifications hold up under reasoned evaluation.

as i don’t think anyone at FooMojo is stupid, no one there believes this is going to increase site income or member satisfaction…therefore another motivation is at work, and i can envisage only one. if you want to shut the site down and start over, have the courage – and the courtesy – to say so.


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