If It Quacks like a Duck…

Remember back when we had that nice little ongoing newsletter that came up automatically on the page? I liked that a lot. One of my little Fashion Show winners made the “front page” once – I was charmed, and thrilled. They actually TALKED to members then…

The new huskey looks like it was designed by Disney by way of anime central…ironic, since our new CEO left PlayDom to come here when PD was taken over by Disney. (not to mention our new “Disney Princess” look..)

My best guess at the moment is that they are trying to get away from the whole concept of karma…pet care is optional now as (supposedly) they won’t be taken no matter HOW long they sit unvisited (the “new” Pet Samaritans now visit every 3 rather than 5 days), the rank charts and FAQs on karma/starpoints have vanished, and the whole system has been scaled back and effectively minimized.

They MAY be thinking about eliminating CF – or at least reworking it somehow to get rid of the discounted foo$ it’s flooding the site with. It certainly is losing its limited charm rapidly…

What’s oddest is that they have been busily making pet care less important or rewarding – while claiming that’s what the site is about when they take anything else away (fashion shows, RP, the ability to profitably sell/resell anything, etc) – but continue to make less and less available to DO…they seem to be pulling in two different directions.

Still trying to figure out just what – if anything – has actually been done to/about the stat drops due to the impact of Ultras on the site…the new huskies are unaffected as they have yet to establish breed norms, but what about the rest? Simply freezing them where they are is less than no answer – that just prevents breeding and attenuation from balancing the stats back normally. Plus, while 5/5 Ultras are less common, most new creates have one or more drastically high or low stats – and now that the stats show up even on them, people just reload until they get what they want – further aggravating the problem of stat distortion. FooBA4U will shortly be doing a new reading of stat medians and comparing them to the preserved “pre-Ultra” numbers, and we should have a clearer picture then.

Does ANYONE have an insight into where all these contradictory and destructive new “changes” are supposed to lead?


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