Song Sung Blue…

(to the tune of  “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler On the Roof)

Still love the kittens i adopted –
Still love my pokey pups at play –
I don’t remember wanting changes,
Nor did they…

I tried, FooPets –
I cried, FooPets –
Never needed change :
Why is the website that I cherished
Sad and strange…

When did this get to be a duty?
When did the pleasure grow so small?
Wasn’t it yesterday I loved it all…

I tried, FooPets –
I cried, FooPets –
Nothing left but tears…
One reason following another,
Killing the site in just a year.

…we are in the process of compiling and looking at the results – and implications – of all the new “improvements” that the famous “everybody” wanted. We will post our findings and evaluation soon.

So far, it looks like they haven’t missed a single member group in the “insult and upset” department this time…even their precious (and now obligatory for new joins) ClubFoo took a hit. There is so much to examine that it’s nearly impossible to even take it all in, much less isolate and deal with specific issues – they have certainly perfected the technique of throwing so much at us at once that individual changes get lost in the shuffle, not to mention hiding the smaller but more long-term items behind something big and flashy…



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  1. i did a little experiment today. i was trying to get to my 10,000 daily limit and oh my. i didn’t do any poo scooping it was all pet care mainly a ton of fosters. i did what i usually do in 4 to 5 days in one day and these are the results. i did this all on mobile version. one, i only was able to get to 8,190 of my 10,000 daily point limit. with that i got 13,215 starpoints and at the same time i got 52,065 foogems. anyways just thought i’d share that.

    • “one” being normal play? or “once”? congrats, by the way…looks like the limit was a myth – i had heard something like that. hmm.

      • it was one day’s worth of much playing all in mobile version. i don’t have club foo so i can’t instacare so i’m not sure what different result one would get with instacare.

        • LOVE, always have, keeps me sane and it ain’t blue-and-pink, lol. Plus, point and gemwise, it’s the best deal – InstaCare, from what i hear, still gives the same flat 25 gems (but now only 5 points) per pet – which was always a bit of a ripoff as with the poop it would have come to 48 – 53 each otherwise. there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not poop credit is or will be restored.

  2. Well said. I for one am greatful for all the time and effort you put into the blogs and the fight for the FooPets that we all dearly love.

    • thank you…and we’re NOT giving up…we can’t – there is so much here to save, pets and people both – and it would take so very little to fix it…just the ability on their part to admit that changes that don’t work need to be REMOVED, not modified or covered up by other changes.

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