We Have All Been Here Before…

Once again, a baby step forward, and then ten giant steps backward,  or to the side…

I cannot understand why the only site designed for someone able to appreciate detail, realism, and genuine concern for pets is so bent on mirroring other far less advanced sites catering to those who want semi-animated toys.

Why leave an eager market where you are the only contender for a rich cash reserve, to compete with literally hundreds of others already filling the niche for the younger market? Even if they can retrofit FooPets for this purpose, it’s a waste, and a cash-poor field…and they are striving against sites designed and built by kids for kids – a loser’s game, at best.

I am really beginning to believe that the true intentions in all this are to crash the site altogether so they can build anew –  most likely an anime-style pet arcade for youngsters.  Probably cheaper to run…but what a waste.


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  1. The way the current FooPet site is being designed it appears to me like it is aimed at those under age 13-14 yrs. Do the kids in that age range have access to the money that will support the site; kids must be getting huge allowances today or their parents are paying for the site to babysit. I cannot imaging the older teenagers appreciate “kiddlie land” design anymore than I do as an older adult. A lot of teenagers have jobs so they would have access to more money as do most adults; even those on a fixed income. I have to wonder why foopets is targeting the younger set; what can they possibly be thinking or are they? There are so many adults who are collectors and truly interested in the site, its pets and their welfare who spend a great deal of money on the site and yet they are being driven off–why is that?

    • a VERY good question, the problem is getting it answered. i’ve been polling both the standard and the ClubFoo forums, and found no one of any age who likes the new page design (not even touching on what happened to the Friends page) – there are some who don’t mind it as much, but i’ve yet to see unreserved approval.
      plus we have all the other, more subtle changes – the drop in karma bang for care, “locking” stats in the new, lowered positions rather than letting them relevel in time as the Ultrastats integrate in the population, being able to see the stats on Premium and Feature pets so that by reloading you can get your pick…and a host of others that penalize the site as much or more than they do the membership.

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