Times They Are A-Changin’…?

Although there has been no direct response from On High, we have noted the first positive (if potentially self-serving and poorly thought out) change on the site in quite a while, with the new “kinder, gentler” Pet Samaritans no longer repossessing pets after 15 days.

While it’s equally possible this is just an attempt to cope with FooShelter overcrowding –  if that is the case, incidentally,  it would be a wonderful time to make yet another magnanimous gesture and restore Foogem Fridays – and we live in daily fear of another mass extermination (plus, the Sams need to come a bit more often and provide more than simply food and water for this to be considered an especially humanitarian gesture), still, when coupled with the price rollbacks on food,  meds, and CF subcriptions,  and the reappearance in the FooMart of items with gem options, it appears a glimmer of daylight is breaking through the stygian mists of headquarters. (The most noticeable fly in the ointment at the moment being the fact that the FooPetter message – and by extension, presumably, the site – seems to be aimed exclusively at underage members.)

Word has it that other member-beneficial tweaking is in progress, including a reworking of the Forums…we aren’t holding our breath, but hey – maybe the horse will learn to sing.*

(* – for those who may never have heard this particular fable…once upon a time, a minstrel had been condemned to death for flirting with a king’s daughter. when the time came for him to be executed, he appealed to the king, promising to teach his favorite horse to sing in a year’s time, if his life were spared. when his friends pointed out that he was merely postponing the inevitable, he replied, “A year is a long time. The king may die. The horse may die. I may die…and who knows? Perhaps the horse will learn to sing.”)


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  1. giving a 2 rather than 1 week grace period for readoption isn’t a bad idea…that would extend the period in which someone could regain their pets to a month. pets in the fooshelter, by the way, remain adoptable by the public indefinitely – there’s no need for a special period for readoption. what i WOULD like to see is pets from deleted accounts (which are growing exponentially – each time i go through a foster pod, more members have come back just to dump their accounts) go directly to open adoption, rather than “waiting” a week – or two – for the owner that threw them away to reclaim them to an account that no longer exists. it would also help if the PTBs did not discourage people from sharing contact info with at least one friend who could be called in to tend in an emergency. most FP emails are throwaways that do nothing else, it isn’t like they pose an identity risk.

    we are strongly advocating segmenting the site somehow by not only age but interest – not only would it make the site more enjoyable for all involved, but being able to link in to a compatible group out of the gate would help encourage new joins.

    i recently had occasion to dance with Support, first when i was asked to find out why the Foto Studio was inaccessible to so many (you need the Unity download on Firefox, which i discovered for myself), and again for a friend who wound up with a glitched overdraft from fooshelter multicharging like the one i experienced a year ago.

    in both cases, i received a noreply canned response followed by a near-identical one from shorti – and all four Support tickets involved were automatically CLOSED once the reply was sent. i reopened one and made the point that this defeated the point…particularly for a member who cannot access their account to reopen it.

    i also used the email reply to contact shorti – in the case of the overcharged member, i was told that i couldn’t receive info on someone else’s account (correct and fair, as long as something got DONE – ultimately it did), and in the case of the Foto Studio i was told that the entire Fooniverse was down, which was arrant nonsense.
    evil creature that i am, i emailed back that the Fooniverse, with the exception of the deleted Fashion Shows, was running fine, and gave directions for using the Foto Studio “so that they would be able to tell the no doubt many people having problems, as the flash player they recommend will not run it”.

  2. Emotional Bonding is what keeps us coming back. Several generations share the bonds they make with their pets and each other. An emotional bond is made for a certain pet that marks a good event, a bad even, or even a tear shared with your pet when you have had a bad day. It is this emotional bonding with our pets that keep the company in business. Otherwise the pets are just pixels, a game, and nothing more.

    One does not need a major in economics to know the financial difficulties we all face these days but we who are addicted to FooPets and have strong emotional ties with our own pets, our friends pets, as well as the friendships and stories shared on site–it is that emotional bond that separates FooPets from other games and it is that experience that makes it so special. If we start to break that emotional bond with our pets because we are forced to choose between buying bread and milk or pay for school books, etc., then the real losers will be the FooMojo Company. Our emotional bond is what keeps the site alive.

    I would like to see a 15-day grace period where those who have lost pets to the shelter can adopt them back at an affordable price and then a 15-day grace period where the pets are up for adoption to the public at a reasonable price. I feel quite confident that there would be many, many pets going back to their original owners as well as to other good homes. This would eliminate the need for a “mass extermination” of pets. Many pets end up in the shelter because of real-life situations and trauma that could not be avoided; and yes, some by neglect and abandonment but all-in-all the return of these pets to their original owners and to new homes at an affordable price benefits everyone.

    We must keep the emotional bond alive and well or else FooPets becomes like every other game out there with good parts, bad and boring parts and can just be dropped/deleted when the newness and fad wares off and they are deleted and we move on to the next New Game. Ho!

  3. Again, Peach says it so well and I echo her thoughts.

    This new and improved Samaritan is an attempt to keep children in the game. Now children can totally neglect their pets, abandon their accounts for months on end, knowing that Foo-Sam will care for them. And when they do decide they should come back to throw their dog a bone, or sprinkle some catnip on their cat’s bed, everything will be honky dorey for them, as if they never left. Honestly, I’ve seen kids come back to their pet after weeks of being away just to pet their cat/dog and then leave again. The thing Foo-Mojo doesn’t get yet is that with or without Foo-Sam’s help children/members will continue not to learn the point of this game, which is caring for their pets. And they will continue to leave the game and abandon their accounts. Those of us who foster can attest to the fact that many accounts get suddenly abandoned every week.

    I’ve seen the good changes on FooPets. I’ve been waiting for something good to happen in this game, hoping for a reprieve, trying not to get too excited with what I’m seeing….because I don’t trust Foo-Mojo. I feel like they are placating us and as soon as we feel everything is going to be good again, they will drop another bomb on us.

    Personally, I feel like I’m bearly able to tread water in the adult pool. As it gets smaller and smaller, with each change in the game gearing more towards the under 10, I’m being forced to go swim with the kiddies in the kiddie pool.

    Member Support is a farce. It’s a place they send you to to placate you, but all they dish out is canned answers, and they can only tell you what Foo-Mojo will allow them to tell you. If Foo-Mojo is hiding something, you ain’t gonna know about it.

    Just liddle ol’ me sharing my thoughts,

  4. Is it me, or has there been a push to get people to use the support area on FooPets more? Every time FooPets posts something on FaceBook and someone has a question, they refer them immediately to support. Same thing with the caution notice in the last FooPetter – problems? Contact support. Maybe they’ve actually got real support people working on problems now instead of volunteer staff that don’t have a clue. I don’t know as my last experience with support was a disgraceful debacle while Kate was still a part of FooPets and I am loathe to go back there for any help with technical problems (I just fixed it myself with some research and tech know-how myself). That’s how the “tip” in the new FooPetter came across to me – more of a push of their support then as a kid catering message (and to be honest – the info. in there needs to be reiterated to many adults on the web as well as children!). The ultimate goal would be to see FooPets have a site (FP Jr.) just for the kiddies under 13 and leave FP for the older peeps as it was originally designed when it was a FaceBook app., but I don’t foresee FooMojo putting in that kind of effort; the next best thing would be to have an “under 13” area of FP that is sectioned off from the main site like many other sites have already done (I believe Chicken Smoothie does this now and I’ve heard it works well). I know that I get tired of little ones after a while and just want to be on FP with my critters and maybe touch base with a few of my adult friends on there without interruption by the young’ens.
    Peach :o)~

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