Hey, You…

okay…it’s time to fish or cut bait.

the New Foo Crew has come out of the closet, so we can no longer be accused of going behind the soi-disant authorities’ back … and it would seem from the drop-off in response that we have all the input and critique we can reasonably expect. We will be tidying and reediting the Business Plan blog materials, but some kind of a cover letter would seem to be in order, to introduce ourselves and our position.

(NOTE : we have just made some final additions and changes to the FooPets blog, left, and will be using it, pretty much as is with some minor point-of-view tweaking, as the Recommendations attachment when this is sent.)

so…let’s start with the baseline requirements :

Dear Mr. Janasov and Those FooMojo Executives Tasked With Decisionmaking For the FooPets Site :

We think it can be reasonably stated that the current state of affairs on FooPets  is working for no one involved, unless the goal is indeed to crash the site and rebuild from the ashes – and as if that is the case, there is no point in anyone doing anything, we will treat that as a nonoption.

We have put together a list of recommendations that we believe will work for both members and management, or at least leave them equally dissatisfied with one another but content that the solution is as fair as it’s going to get…but there are a few dealbreakers that I think need to come first.

ONE:  NO MORE HYPOCRISY. stop candycoating actions taken for your own purposes as “something everybody voted for”, “in the majority of members’ best interests”, and so forth…and MOST of all, unless a great many things change (and we’ll HELP you!), stop lying to children and their parents about the purpose of the site.  As things stand, the only education they receive is in hyperaggressive capitalism – loving and caring for a pet have become secondary at best.

TWO :  NO MORE “SPOOKY ACTIONS AT A DISTANCE”. Tell us what you plan. Ahead of time. Not only will it do you no harm, but the potential gain for the company, not just in good will but in INCOME, is enormous. Your established membership was (and is, so far at least – we aren’t ALL gone…yet) primarily composed of adults with discretionary income, most of whom have children and grandchildren that we would be glad to bring into the site – and sponsor – should honesty and pet care once more become its focus. We are also, by and large, quite capable of making practical,  intelligent suggestions that will benefit the site and the membership as a whole – and of looking at problems management may be having and coming up with solutions that work for all involved. TALK to us – and listen  to our response…you have a vast untapped resource of free expert consultants sitting right at your fingertips – use it!

THIRD: LOOK AHEAD. The discounted Foodollars being dumped into the site by the promoted (and now obligatory) ClubFoo memberships are what is truly destroying the site economy, and were until recently the main factor in falloff of bank package purchases – and raising prices does NOT solve the problem. Set up a reasonably-priced membership, with decent benefits, but without the foodollar perk, and push the bonus-dollar packages back to roughly where they started pre-CF, with perhaps a $10-a-month commitment in exchange for the $200 a month (give or take) foodollar bang, but no major semiannual or annual discounts. STOP charging people to come in the door – unless you are prepared to eliminate the need for any further tender purchase by bringing prices back down to realistic levels, this is economic suicide of the first water. One either pays an entry fee, OR spends extensively onsite – not both.

Please…we want to see the site WORK – just like you do. We are adults that understand financial realities…yours, and our own. We still believe in the truly amazing potential the FooPets site has for making a major contribution to pet education, pet charities – and your bottom line.  Let us help you help us help.

FooPets became what it was because it was different – why are you trying to turn it into just another virtual gaming site?

We are planning to shoot this out in about a week, so if you have input, criticisms, etc, look things over and let us know ASAP what you think should be added or changed.

We especially need people to go over the specific recommendations outlined in the FooPets draft, which is in or near its final form at this point (we think/hope)…thanks!

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  1. It sounds very good but I don’t hold much hope of the new Powers That Be listening to or comprehending the wisdom within it.

  2. Good luck and may you have the wind at your back going there and the sun shining on your face when you head home!
    Peach :o)~

    • thanks love – i’ll be happy if they just don’t rock the boat…btw i still have the graphics i designed for FooRadio – would you like them?

      • Sure, if you’d be willing to part with them 😉 Although, not sure how much longer FR will survive with Trevor gone and FP not really doing much to support the site. But as long as it’s there, I’ll stay as a DJ because it’s fun and diversion from the usual BS (and I posted a notice about your update on Fell Swoop about the increase in the food prices). Peach :o)~

  3. I don’t have anything to add because I don’t understand the business end of FooPets. I concure with what you have written here. I just hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

    • it’s not necessary to understand the business end per se – we are advocating common sense that (at least ought to) work for both sides.
      in addition to multiple emails to various people in the head office i will be sending a registered hardcopy letter to Janasov c/o Mojo, and have someone prepared to hand-deliver a copy face to face if need be.
      if i don’t at least get a “kiss my foot” response within a week or two, i may start bombarding JesseFoo and the other chief Admin’s onsite message boards…and all else failing, we take it public. (one of the nice things about having been in pre-internet publishing and promotion…i still have contacts with the press.)
      that is court of last resort, though – we want to persuade them toward mutual interest, not embarrass them into a grudging concession that could backfire down the road.

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