Dirty Deeds Done Cheap…

It would appear that the left hand either doesn’t know what the right is doing, or at least is sitting back awaiting developments…

The recent “ban” on all outside links does not originate in the Terms of Service – this is Corie’s personal interpretation of them.

We received confirmation of this in the form of a quote from a now-deleted (by whom, we wonder) post by the ambassador MissXtine in one or another of the Forum threads on this subject, which was sent to the Foop*. While we had already discovered this discrepancy in our review of the recently updated Terms – which carry the previous (and customary for any site) restrictions on outside links for RL personal profit, fundraising or proselytizing on behalf of a group or organization, and offering cheat or viral codes –  it is particularly interesting to note that they have now expunged even the originally-contained vague proscription on outside links  in general.

There is also no direct restriction on giving your contact or other personal info to a friend, in whatever manner you choose – only on posting information concerning or leading to others‘ data…and nothing specific about not being allowed to deed your account to someone else if you are planning to depart, much less giving the “house keys” to a friend to tend your pets in your name during an absence to maintain your bonding. These appear to be other “interpretations” thought up by the onsite Admins, and do not reflect any clause in the Terms as published by FooMojo.

While there are caveats intended to protect younger members from taking unwise actions – with which we agree – and a blanket “whatever we decide is best” clause that could cover almost anything the spirit moves them to forbid,  none of the recently-decreed FooCrimes reflect anything genuinely stated in the Terms – which are issued directly from FooMojo and not by the Admins running the site itself.

It would appear that the inmates – or more correctly, the hired staff – have taken over the asylum. One wonders what the official policy – and/or  reaction – of the real authorities will be.

(* – where we were just informed that the entire THREAD got deleted…hmm.)


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