mousing around the net, as the continual flashing of a(#) during the loading of some pets (we plan to see if there is a pattern as to which) piqued our curiosity, we have found the following… (may add more as we prowl around and follow trails of breadcrumbs)

The problem is figuring out what all this means…(halp?) We have puzzled out that this is a new domain – either created last June 16th or took over the FooPets domain at that time  – and at least one link still has them at the old Redwood City address, though that may just be lack of updating. The last link is what may be their new server (? – doan unnerstan’ thees modern stuffs), and is about as economical as you can get and still stay online…what was that about cashflow again?

Plus, it appears they already have another site up and running and have for some time (though from what i see they aren’t animated – more later) – see  “virtualdog”,  above.

We will be seeing what pops out when we put up “foopets” and “foomojo” in these same info services – in the meanwhile, can anybody out there translate some of the technical junk? thanks!


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  1. On another note, I checked out the Virtual Dog site and created an account there and picked out a dog. They aren’t anywhere as nearly well animated as FooPets pooches are, but it’s the same idea where you feed, bathe, pet, pick up poo, etc. No backgrounds to buy that I could see, as it gives you a “home” for your dog. After looking at the comments on their “blog”, I see dates from early/mid 2008. My guess is that FooMojo bought this site from the original creators as it was a competing product in its early stages to what they had planned with FooPets being after changing over from GoPokey! Didn’t stay on the site more than 10 minutes, but it was a cute little site that looked to be right up the alley for younger kids to early teens.
    Peach :o)~

  2. yes, “cloudfront” is one of the other bylines i’ve seen flashing by. i don’t really understand most of the graphs i found (a dino…) but they seem to indicate growing problems, and falling logons.

  3. Easiest way to explain this is that they are changing DNS servers because they no longer will be going with their old one which was going through Amazon’s E2C. E2C is a huge and expensive server service and many large companies that need storage and server space use E2C services (in the case of FooPets I think it’s cloudnet – I can’t remember right off hand).
    Basically, they’re moving off the E2C servers to cheaper ones that are registered to another DNS registrar. E2C isn’t the fastest thing on earth (there’s so many using Amazon’s services that you pay top dollar to get fast delivery of your content to users), but I would hazard to guess that we’ll see even more errors and slower page loads from FooPets as they continue to move elements from the old servers on E2C to the new ones.
    Peach :0)~

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