Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes…

Now that the “new team” is beginning to be outed, they are making their presence felt…Admin Kate Clark, who for good or ill has been an institution since FooPets launched, is reported to be no longer associated with the site or FooMojo in any way – even her personal account (the one we know about, at any rate) has been deleted and all her pets sent back to the site shelter. This caused – due to the site coding – all of her Forum posts and stickies to vanish as well, which must be causing some interesting side effects. Word has it that Corie, who joined as Admin during the Beta controversy last spring and was closely associated with Kate in many minds, is under investigation and may be out as well. More on this as we get corroborative detail.

Now that the elephant in the room is willing to be at least glimpsed, perhaps we can begin to get some hard data on the future of the site. i have been trying onsite since last March to get our member service profile, FooBA4U (the Foo Betterment Association) somehow visibly positioned so that we could reach out to new and young members with any aid, answers, and mentoring we could render…so very many are slipping through the cracks, and either being lost – one way or another – or learning from the worst, either being taken advantage of and/or becoming predators themselves. there is so much the older members can and would gladly contribute to the site if the PTBs were willing to, if not listen, at least avail themselves of a free, valuable, and well-nigh inexhaustable resource.

properly handled, FooPets could not only be enormously lucrative for its shareholders but a VG site unique not only in its animations but in its sensitivity and educational value, at which members, corporate sponsors, and NP foundations alike would be fighting to throw money. it would take so little – and require next to no financial outlay. the damage to the site and to member trust is not yet irreparable…so far.

our goal must now be to bring all concerned with the direction – and future – of the site, members, Admin, and corporate alike, TO THE TABLE TOGETHER to discuss ways we can help one another make FooPets what it can and should be … we can only hope that the new management are intelligent enough to realize that their best source of information and guidance is those very members so scorned by the previous management – those who love the site for the pets, with a strong background in RL pet education and advocacy, and who have the site’s best interests at heart.


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  1. yes, i just took a look – and the member number for OGFoo comes up correctly as Kate’s…hm. perhaps we have an imminent new FooMojo high muckymuck coming in on that account once the fuss dies down…

  2. oh by the way for some odd reason in the cats photos someone had changed fookates name to OGFoo.

  3. all of fookate’s pets are now available to buy from the shelter. i knew the link to just her 3 year old orange cat which i just tried to buy, but someone was on top of it faster than me. the link to that cat is :

  4. thanks, fixed it…guess i think of her as a source of decay, lol. if you go to my About Me, you can get my contact info if you wish.

  5. Just a note that you’ve got “Carie” and not “Corie” in both the Foop and on this article here. If both here and the Spyglass weren’t public, I’d share my info. pertaining to Kate, Corie, and the conclusion of my Member Support fiasco (which has not ended for me). But, alas, I can’t risk suspension or outright banning. But to suffice it to say, it would be a pleasure seeing the whole damned bunch of them disappear along with the Ambassadors and see paid Member Support staff and proper forum software and moderators.
    Peach :0)~

  6. …that it has…and 2011 looks to be even more eventful. (sigh) maybe, if i work really, really hard, they’ll put things back to where they used to be, when they worked, and i can go back to just enjoying my pets again…

  7. What a long, strange trip it’s been this past year.

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