UPDATE 1/11/11!!! ALL PRAISE TO TRUTHGOD  (see their post in Diggin’ the Dirt  Comments for the scoop)  FOR THE FOLLOWING NEWS FLASH!

New CEO of FooMojo is our very own brand-spanking-new mystery Admin, Jesse  Janasov,  late of PlayDom, who left in the wake of the Disney acquisition to join FooMojo, along with Carolyn Young, who steps in as Product Lead. (ironically, there have been a lot of recent comparisons, pro and con,  to Disney Corp. by both sides of the FooBate)

Links follow:

from truthgod’s admirable research:,   our onsite corroboration, , and the “game”  identity,,  jessefoo  –  friends ONLY with barton (?),  Claircare (?),  and eotto  (Eugene Otto, Tech Director). Despite a “join date” of 3/12/10, the  ClubFoo membership has been active since 12/10/09, which – along with their association with Mr. Otto and the ABSENCE of the “automatic” friendship with  DrRon – drew our recent attention.

okay, folks – this gives us a whole GANG of new trees to bark up and see what falls out  –  not least all the interesting date discrepancies…stay tuned!


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