BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN – as of August  “DrRon”  became VICE PRESIDENT of FooMojo rather than CEO… (ref. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronhornbaker)  – so who’s in charge???? isn’t that about when things started to get REALLY funky?

“Current : VP Business Intelligence / Cofounder at FooMojo, Inc. … Past :  CEO / Cofounder at FooMojo, Inc. , BI Consultant (full-time) at Sequoia CapitalFounder at Statsaholic.com”

well, well, well…a very deep one. so –  who’s minding the store?

we understand that shortly after RH let go the reins at FooMojo, the facility relocated to a larger and more expensive facility,  in SF rather than Redwood City – and incidentally owned and controlled by Fox (listed as a major Mojo sponsor)’s  gaming division.

recently, ambassadors have been leaving and being installed right and left…still no word from the “silent” Admins.

Names to look for – Steve Anderson, cofounder with RH and connected to Baseline Ventures : Eric Hippeau,  multiple involvements including SoftBank  (Japanese investment group) :  Jim Gross,  Mark Fussell,  Ryan Long,  Kevin Rugg,  Eugene Otto,  Lynn Cox (publicist, blackbelt-strategies).

They have the arm out for a high-grade interface designer – http://www.krop.com/jobs/47tcb/ – one of the few “current” hits we’ve found so far.

we find it quite intriguing that with the exception of that one profile site (mentioned above), no current corporate records are available – everything we have found still lists RH as CEO, and the old address.  (evil creature that we are, we have pointed out the error to Bloomberg and other business data sites and provided what we had unearthed)

Overview – the company was FOUNDED as FooMojo, long before they launched Go-Pokey –  the changeover was planned from the beginning. Go-Pokey was apparently their alpha run…we are the beta (can you spell irony?)…and it’s entirely possible the present test-to-destruction tactics herald them moving on to whatever they see as the next phase – the main question being do they intend to roll the current one over, as with Go-Pokey…or start from scratch. (for what it’s worth, i don’t see them chucking the existing investment/income/customer base they presently have at FooPets – unless they drive so many members off it becomes a promotional liability – but i suspect that the changes we’ve endured up until now will pale before what is to come … all else failing, they will probably maintain this site intact to milk as a cash cow for whatever else they’re planning.)

(this is what i’ve been able to unearth on Ron H personally so far.)

the CNET news writeup of the earlier con game blowup  http://news.cnet.com/2100-1023-212725.html.

an odd but interesting early bit – http://valleywag.gawker.com/5014039/angel-investor-ron-conway-backs-convicted-fraudsters-youvebeenbonedcom , and a related video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGCz4-4nbGo.  ( the fact that DR’s original name for the whole mess was “you’ve been boned” seems sadly prophetic.)

what may be a side company  http://www.corporationwiki.com/California/Half-Moon-Bay/ubermetrics-llc/47155340.aspx , and a street address (apparently whatever this is runs out of his house) – http://www.corporationwiki.com/California/Half-Moon-Bay/281-Eagle-Trace-Dr-Half-Moon-Bay-CA-94019-a22872455.aspx.

***last (and only) veterinary reference is Shawnee Pet Hospital in OK, where he was supposedly Chief of Medicine and Surgery. he lists 1993 – 1997…interesting, since they didn’t open til 1994…and “famous” as he has become, they don’t mention him in their online promo…)*** 2/10/11 update – we are informed that this is an incorrect listing, as his location at that time was Kansas rather than Oklahoma. while there does not seem to be any current listing for a “Shawnee Animal Hospital” in either Shawnee or Shawnee Mission KS, there is a “Shawnee Animal Clinic”. as the clinic has no website we have no further information at this time. wherever he worked, however, we find it interesting that a freshly-graduated vet would be named Head of Medicine and Surgery.

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  1. found another “mystery” Admin, this one around a bit longer but with the same odd membership-after-ClubFoo pattern – “jeff-foo” http://www.foopets.com/member/19502268, who they have been using in place of DrRon as a Forum puppet.

  2. bless bless bless you! … and this explains the “mystery” admin who suddenly turned up as a recent member – who has had ClubFoo quite a bit longer than they’ve been a member! and that means that THOSE three “friend” tieins are the survivors of the original Head Honchos…including “eotto”, alias Eugene Otto, Tech Director and the real hatchetman for whom “Kate” fronts. it’s beginning to come together … will dig up the member link and post it shortly.

  3. i know who the new CEO of foopets is his name is

    Jesse Janosov
    CEO at FooMojo


    will post more info as found.

  4. found this interesting tidbit about FaceBook – tieins?

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