all of the changes, unreasonableness, money-grubbing, and the restrictive, near-Fascist environment currently existing on FooPets HAVE to be springing from some central cause. no site is this self-destructive out of thin air – SOMETHING is up, spawning all these shoot-yourself-in-the-foot “improvements”… and the climate they are producing in members, ambassadors, and Admins alike .

the recent Admin reactions smell a lot like panic to us, as does the new “shut ’em down to shut ’em up” policy being implemented, mostly because no one seems to HAVE any answers … and they seem to have concluded that silenced critics are safer than unanswered ones.

while the chief result of the senseless and unwarranted oppression  ( other than member attrition, NOT a solution… )  has been to drive the discussion offsite, what i have seen there still primarily revolves around the Forum-style topics of  “look what they did NOW”, specific individual issues and their results, and which particular members have been damaged in what ways. yes, all of this is valid, and may lead to answers to the various inexplicable actions FooMojo/Admin have taken, not to mention the emotional release of venting … but the central point has remained unaddressed  – what is the causative agent BEHIND all this?

We, in the form of the Canaan group, composed of 5 shelter profiles, the public service profiles FooBA4U and the onsite OperationLifeboat, and roughly ten or so “personal” accounts, most of whom were established a year or so ago, have established this locus to try to determine the answers to this sixty-four thousand foodollar question.

We need EVERYONE who has access to information, or the internet knowledge to get it (unlike this computer dinosaur) to gather information on what is happening with FooPets/FooMojo the company – their corporate status, finances, business prospectus, industry reviews, and so forth, and whether there are lawsuits and/or a hostile takeover bid in the wind. have they recently lost funding or sponsors? are they in violation of their charter?

SOMETHING turned the FooPet beehive into a hornets’ nest …  let’s all work on finding out what.  i don’t think ANY of us want to give up our foopets –  or our friends – we just want the site to be a pleasure again … not a source of punishment – or a sinking ship.

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  1. Ugh! I wish I was better at research. Five years in college with a 4.0, with research being a very weak point with me. How did I do it? Ha! Who knows? But I’m not giving up. Inquiring minds MUST know. lol

  2. this just in from OleWiz via my email…
    “I went into my foopets account, and just to be curious, I was checking on the “Bank” just to see if those prices went up, when I got a BIG red flag. “Security Certificate does not match Site address” There is a redirect going on there. The security certificate is issued for a different address. How about that stuff? This is something they did themselves or they’ve been hacked. Big SNAFU! Either way, it looks like buying foocash isn’t adviseable! Fascinating, isn’t it?”
    looking into this now – everyone, let’s try to run this down and get the real scoop.

    • It’s not unusual for a site to have a Security Certificate that either doesn’t match the address or isn’t valid. It’s also no surprise that their domain name is up for re-registration in 2011. Many times with websites as large as FooPets, URLs and physical addresses change and the Sec. Certs. don’t get the new updated info. added to them. It’s not any indication of anything unless it has ALWAYS been an invalid Cert. (which in this case it is not). Heck, even my online bank came up with an invalid Sec. Cert. when they changed from Commerce to Metro because of all the changes, the Sec. Cert. got missed. A quick email to the webmaster of the site had the issue resolved in short order.
      As for the domain name registration, all domains have expiration dates and FooPets.Com is no different. Small sites usually pay for registration on a yearly basis while larger sites with more funds will pay for 3 or 5 years or even more at a time. My guess is that they paid for theirs for a 3 year period (2008 was when FooPets.Com became a site on the WWW and 3 years would be 2011 for expiration). A domain name can be re-registered at any time before the expiration date and it makes no difference that it has yet to be re-registered as they have plenty of time to take care of the task.
      I’m not “pro-foo’ing” here, but I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up that there is something majorly wrong in Fooville just because of some very common and usual things that appear on many websites all over the Internet.
      Peach :0)~

      • thanks – i rather thought that must be the case but it’s good to have it verified. the certificate actually dates from 2007 and was carried over from Go-Pokey, and was apparently transferred. neither of those are the symptoms of possible trouble i am thinking of, but crossing them off will leave more time and energy for other research. the sudden change in financial attitude, (possibly deliberately) sloppy coding, and clear panic reaction to even mild criticism suggests that SOMETHING is rotten in FooLand – what and why, to be determined.

      • It has been suggested that they may possibly becoming acquired by another company (they recently moved from their home-base in Redwood City to an area and office bldg. that is housing offices of other video/game makers). If that is the case, we may well be seeing these changes to lessen the cost of the purchase by the new company (i.e. – we won’t pay over this amount so you’ve either got to lower the price or lessen the traffic load), but all this is just really supposition and speculation. Personally, I don’t care WHY they’re doing all of this, I just want them to give me what I paid for (ClubFoo with the benefits as were listed at the time of purchase) and proper member support for site and technical issues. And proper member support is NOT going to come from unpaid volunteers, no matter how versed they may be in the computer or programming fields. Until they stop using volunteers to do the work that paid staff should be doing, this company will NEVER be professional and all the reasons of why aren’t going to change a thing.
        It is just sad to see what once was an enjoyable little app turned web-game go to pot. The biggest answer to the “why” is GREED. If they would part with some of those profits and pay for staff and proper upkeep/programming, I don’t think we’d be seeing a lot of the stuff we’re seeing now.
        Peach :o)~

        • just discovered that dear Dr Ron lost control as of last August…is that when they moved? and HOW do we find out who’s actually in charge?

      • The move became official somewhere between Sept. 9 and Sept. 16th of 2010. On Sept. 9th their address was listed as: FooMojo, Inc.
        460 Seaport Court
        Suite 210
        Redwood City, CA 94063

        On Sept. 16th the address changed to:
        FooMojo, Inc.
        625 2nd Street
        Suite 104
        San Francisco, CA 94107

        According to a listing found online by BreeAnn81, it’s bigger and more expensive than their previous base of operations (http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/16282995/625-2nd-St-San-Francisco-CA/)
        According to another user, iLost, most of 625 2nd Street is leased by Fox Interactive Media, parent company of of Internet Gaming Company (IGN), as they used to work in the building.
        Take the information for what you will (as was stated on the Spyglass Blog in the “Be thankful” post.
        Peach :0)~

        • yes, the timing is just about right…the change in “Dr” (he no longer even pretends to use it, other than in his onsite cartoon puppet) Ron’s title fell in late August, and you don’t just toss an internet operation into a banana box in the back of your car. interestingly, as someone who has worked ( – and lived, long live lofts! – ) in warehouses quite a bit, $25/SqFt/year is well below midrange, rentwise – they’re hardly splurging there. what intrigues me more is the Fox involvement…they’ve been in bed with that company for a while. wonder if they decided to cut out the middleman?

  3. I had considered that this forum isn’t really the proper place for run-of-the-mill Foo conversation; run of the mill being what we’ve come to expect. I’m still out there trying to even accidentally click on something that will give me some real info on the business end of Foo, but no real luck so far. Wish someone who knows how to do that stuff would pop up here.

    Anywho, if you’re interested, I did post that comment from the CF forum on The Spyglass. It’s very well put together, or maybe it just tickles my particular fancy, haha.

    Anyway, off I go to get my old lady medication while there’s a break in the rain. Wish I knew someone who is good with research…. Hmmmm.

  4. (also – any pertinent commentary is “legal” here – the only restrictions i would consider are deleting silly arguments, as i mentioned above, and nitpicking over individual minor issues being well-aired elsewhere. if enough people want to discuss specific recent alterations, etc, i’m willing to set up a thread – or site, or whatever this would be called – for that as well, to keep this one on track for the Big picture.)

  5. i’ll have to look into that, in my infamous “spare time”…i’m mostly surprised that the FSG monitor (whoever operates that site as i do this) didn’t simply dump the whole exchange rather than approving the comments – we have that option here…and trust me, anything posted on Lifeboat that involves personalities and/or bashing – in EITHER direction – will not last past my first view of it. this is about identifying and solving problems – not kindergarten sand-kicking. (btw, was prowling around last night and found an old (12/23/08) ChitChat thread from the Pokey/Foo conversion controversy that had effectively the same refrain – “what have you done – put it back!”, with a reasonable description of why…and a cheerleader (early Foo Crusader?) telling them to suck it up – or leave. (stuck the link in the beta thread as an object lesson, with brief comment…and when i looked for input this morning the old thread had been deleted – no real surprise, but that was FAST – they are monitoring Forums onsite closely, it seems.)

  6. Seems a Foo Crusader found her way to The Spyglass and “started” some animosity and subsequent arguments between another member. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I even posted that I was basically swearing off posting in any forums, on or off site. But of course, I’ve steadily been breaking my own promise. O.o I was just hoping that we Pro-Foo, Anti-LOUSY BUSINESS PRACTICES, folks would be able to find a safe haven in which to voice our opinions and ideas and simply commiserate and toss around ideas. I guess I was wrong. Although, it stands to reason that these Foo Crusaders, as they’ve been dubbed, would eventually make it to “our” off site forums and make their presence known.

    Needless to say, I was still taken aback by the myriad posts between these two, one member being a good friend of mine.

    I LOVE FooPets. Or should I state more accurately, I love the IDEA of FooPets. I love what it WAS and loathe what it has become. But my emotional attachment, coupled with the wonderful friends I’ve made, as well as the two years of time and money that I’ve invested in the site, keeps me hanging on. I’ve threatened to leave, but the curiosity of what is going to happen next as well as the above, keeps me hanging on.

    I ran into an interesting and awesome post in the CF Forum, entitled Goodbye Club Foo, posted by a BRAND NEW member, Rynez. If you cannot access it, I would be more than happy to share the post here, if you’d like (if that’s something that’s “legal” to do). I just think it’s interesting that someone who joined on December 15th, 2010, has already decided to leave when her CF membership expires at the end of her month. She wasn’t there a day before she could see what shoddy business practices are in place and how unhappy the majority of FooPets members really are. She also shared some awesome ideas on how to better the whole Foo experience, as she is a self-proclaimed “hard core gamer.”

    Anyway, I’ve been googling and following links and so far have turned up nothing of any real substance. Except that all search engines show a steep decline in searches for FooPets.com. I’m also amused that by googling FooPets/FooMojo, I find more links to Foo forums talking about how the site is simply falling apart and how unhappy people are. You’d think Foo would take notice AND care. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool.

    I also happened upon a website called Yelp, where folks can review different businesses. And lo and behold I found two reviews, which I promptly added to, re: FooPets. One was very realistic in what was said re: Foo and their practices. The other was a direct bash on said post and the person posting was very obviously a Foo Crusader.

    Anyway, that’s about it for now. LOL So much for me not posting anywhere on site of off. I just can’t help myself. lol


  7. This is off-topic, but I see trouble brewing even in the off site blogs re: Foo. Notably The Spyglass, where I made some comments I already wish I hadn’t. Thus, I’ve pretty much given up on posting anywhere from here on out.

    However, I’ll snoop around. I’m pretty much a dinosaur myself, lol, but if I happen to find anything pertinent, I won’t hesitate to share what I’ve found. Lord knows the curiosity is killing me.

    • good grief…i guess a Forum is a Forum. what kind of trouble, if i might ask? i haven’t had time to follow them recently in detail…but i’d be willing to bet it has something to do with the reverse-troll-bashing i saw a while ago. welcome aboard – hopefully we’ll be able to SOLVE problems here, not just create more.

  8. sounds good…now let’s see what happens.

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